Carpe Diem

Live in the moment

Imagine yourself sitting on a sandy beach. It is crowded but you feel tranquility. Now close your eyes… Feel the breeze touching your skin, and your ears are filled with the joy of the sound of the waves. This is exactly how you are going to feel when you take your place in our project.

Exclusive by VOLNA

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İnce Estate, North Cyprus Real Estate Leader

Ince & Can Real Estate Partnership has been established in 2004. For more than 16 years, İnce&Can is dealing with property buy&sales especially on the east and the north coast of the Island of Cyprus.  Our professional approach, our success in understanding the needs of our clients and our vision to understand the future hot prospect areas for our investors has made us as the most successful land dealing agency. Due to our success in valuation, eight local banks have appointed our company as their legal valuator for more than a decade. Our success drives from the loyalty, the consistency and the love towards of what we do. We strongly believe that these there universal elements will remain to be the driving force behind our continuous success.